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Welcome to SMS Environmental Wales

SMS Environmental provide innovative technical solutions to buildings and facilities managers in areas of Legionella control, health and safety, ductwork and ventilation system cleaning, and the testing of clean and wastewater. We can work in partnership with you to provide safe and comfortable building environments for you and your building users.

Our Water Experts include chartered scientists, consultants and engineers who specialise in the control of Legionella bacteria and the prevention of Legionnaires' disease.

Our Air Quality Experts enable our clients to provide clean, safe and comfortable environments for the users of their buildings.

Our Environmental Experts will ensure that our own commercial activities, and those of our clients, have the minimum effect upon the environment.

Our Testing and Analysis Experts offer sampling and analysis to monitor for microbiological, chemical, physical and organoleptic parameters.

Our Legionella Software Experts will ensure secure and accurate data keeping to guarantee compliance, audit trail and Legionella trend analysis